Canada’s Highway Of Heroes

Thanks to a powerful vision, fallen soldiers in Canada have a living monument to keep their memories alive. In the last five years, an initiative to support the environment, while honoring Canada’s fallen heroes has planted more than 600,000 memorial trees. It’s still growing.

The Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign is the work of Landscape Ontario. The group proposed reforesting the Highway of Heroes from Trenton to Toronto. The 170-kilometre stretch of Highway 401 named the Highway of Heroes, honors Canadian soldiers killed in action since Confederation and including the War of 1812.

The initiative took root and planting began with the help of volunteers, professionals, families of the fallen heroes and active military personnel.

The program will plant 117,000 trees along the Highways of Heroes, one for each of the Canadians who lost their lives in service since the War of 1812.

“We’re proud to announce details of the Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign’s Private Landowner Partnership Program expansion with our partners at Forests Ontario,” said Mark Cullen, Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign Chair & Co-Founder. “Through this campaign, you could have a piece of the world’s largest living tribute while doing your part to protect our environment, beautify our communities and honor our Canadian Heroes. This will also help us reach our target of planting over 1.8 million seedlings by 2022.”

Along with enhancing the world’s largest living tribute, the new forests will provide wind and snow barriers, stabilize soil and maintain groundwater. Tree planting provides corridors and habitat f0r wildlife. Planting forests, to sequester carbon, is one of the most effective methods to cool landscapes and mitigate the effects of climate change. Much like the soldiers honored, these trees will help defend people and the planet in many ways for many years.

“We are also planting more trees off the highways to acknowledge the sacrifice and unselfish nature of the Canadians who volunteered for military services during times of war,” said Mark Cullen, executive director of Landscape Ontario.

The remainder of the trees will be planted on private land. The Private Landowner Partnership Program expands the Highway of Heroes effort to private land and will enlist planting partners including Conservation Authorities, stewardship groups, municipalities and forestry consultants that provide tree planting along the 401. Private partners who dedicate at least five acres towards reforestation are urged to participate.

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