Habitat Replaced By Agriculture

Australia is the only developed country known as a hotspot for deforestation. As global warming, climate change and drought continue scorching the Australian landscape, the country continues to bulldoze and burn its forests to make room for more agriculture. In fact, most deforestation and land clearing in Queensland is linked to beef production.

Carbon emissions released by land clearing across Australia are equivalent to about a third of the total emissions released by all of the coal-fired power stations in the country. Once native forest logging emissions are included, this is equivalent to at least half the carbon pollution of all Australian coal-fired power stations.

Australia has pushed many mammals into extinction. Thanks to habitat loss, Australia’s iconic koalas are threatened in the wild today.

Since the 1970s, the greatest rates of forest clearance have been in southeastern Queensland and northern New South Wales, although Victoria is the most cleared state. Today, degradation is occurring in the largely forested tropical north due to rapidly expanding invasive weed species and altered fire regimes.

The Australian government has officially designated koalas as an endangered species as habitat loss for land use, bushfires, droughts and disease have decimated koalas and their habitat.

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