Corruption, Collusion Compromising Public Health

Six former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrators from both Democratic and Republican administrations are calling for a “reset” at the agency. Although most of the former EPA administrators were critical of the current leadership.

As former leaders of the Environmental Protection Agency serving both Democratic and Republican administrations, we take great pride in the agency and its efforts to improve the quality of the air we breathe, safeguard the water we drink, and protect the environment that sustains us and our economy. We believe that the time has come to reset the future course for EPA in a new, relevant direction.

The nature of the environmental and health challenges our nation faces have changed. Fifty years ago, pollution was visible and unrelenting throughout our country. The nature of the environmental and health challenges our nation faces has changed. Today, less visible but equally dangerous environmental hazards threaten communities in ways that differ from place to place, person to person. Speedier, more effective assessments and responses are needed to face this and future pandemics, new toxic hazards, and other emerging or unmitigated health risks.

Mismanagement at the EPA didn’t begin under the Trump administration.

The most outrageous example that I will point to is regarding reclaimed wastewater and biosolids. Fraudulent risk assessments are fueling a public health disaster in the form of neurodegenerative disease. The EPA portrayed itself as an expert on the topic and exported it risk assessments and recommendations around the world. Prominent scientists were fired. After more than 30 years of lies, it backtracked on its risk assessments just two years ago. Adjustments within industry to safeguard public health have been ignored. As a result, prion disease is ravaging mammals around the world, including humans.

The EPA has completely ignored deadly prions and unstoppable prion disease for decades.

It’s time to insist on EPA accountability and action in this vital and volatile arena.

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