Earth News

Earth News is an internationally syndicated environmental news service profiling the positive environmental efforts of individuals, organizations and corporations around the world. The syndicated column has been published around the globe since 1991.

The company and its founders wrote 11 books about environmental issues for New York publishers, including:

  • Environmental Heroes (Pruett Publishing, 1995);
  • Contemporary Environmentalists (Facts on File, 1996);
  • Environmental Causes (Henry Holt & Company, 1997);
  • Alternative Energy Sources (Henry Holt & Company, 1997);
  • Recycling (Henry Holt & Company, 1997);
  • Kids Who Make a Difference (Henry Holt & Company, 1997);
  • Protecting Our Air, Land and Water (Henry Holt & Company, 1997);
  • Guardians of Wildlife (Henry Holt & Company, 1997); and
  • Natural Foods and Products (Henry Holt & Company, 1997).
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Earth News is a division of Crossbow Communications. Earth News is a syndicated environmental news service. The company covers a variety of health and environmental issues, including biodiversity, chronic wasting disease, climate change, deforestation, endangered species, global warming, neurodegenerative disease, neurotoxins, wildlife conservation and more.

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