Wind capacity set to triple around the globe by 2015

Renewable Energy Gaining Speed

Global wind capacity could more than triple, growing from 91 gigawatts to more than 290 gigawatts by 2015, based on ongoing development in Asia, Europe, and North America, according to an Energing Energy Research report.

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North American capacity alone could double to 60 gigawatts, while Asia-Pacific capacity is predicted to increase from 40 gigawatts to 100 gigawatts, and Europe is predicted to add 80 gigawatts of capacity.

The wind industry was gearing up to meet the demand, with Europe leading the way in offshore wind generation, according to the report. However, the analysis said that a lack of guidelines from the Minerals Management Service — part of the U.S. Department of the Interior — has hampered offshore development in the United States. China, South Korea, and Taiwan are considered likely to put offshore wind farms online by 2012.

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