Wild Horses Stuck In Sub-Zero Temperatures

Wild Horse Program Abusing Taxpayers, Animals

How would you and your children like to stand around in the snow and ice all day and all night in sub-zero temperatures? That’s what Uncle Sam is doing to thousands of wild horses and burros that have been stripped from the lands that they call home.

wild horses

Thousands of wild horses are held in extreme weather conditions with poor food, water and care. These are the temperatures from this week. It will get colder before it gets warmer.

Conditions at BLM facilities this morning are shown below – devastating to animals with no shelter, no windbreaks, and frozen water that they fight for access to, leaving timid horses and foals at great risk. These wild horses are much better off in the wild where they can at least find a canyon for a windbreak.

Wild horses

Wild horses cornered in cold weather where social issues keep some mare and foals away from the herd, food and water. Photo by Carol Walker.

wild horses

Wild horses are captured and held in inhumane conditions, where they can’t escape the extreme heat or cold.

Continued roundups are horrible and inhumane, under brutal weather conditions (over 100 degrees in the summer and well below zero right now). Stockpiling of these magnificent wild animals is done with minimal care and coverups about medical care and deaths abound. BLM is knowingly moving these wild mustangs and burros into the slaughter pipeline and continuing to contract with known kill buyers, who ship them to Canada and Mexico, another horror-filled story. BLM saying they’re ‘saving’ these ‘starving’ horses from drought and overgrazed lands, yet the animals captured usually have a very good body score – hardly starving or in rough shape. All while BLM’s Sally Jewell writes leases for huge fracking, gas and mineral companies. While corporate ranchers are allowed to graze livestock (cattle and sheep) for pennies on public lands, while failing to test these animals for prion disease (Mad Cow disease) before entering or departing public lands that are contaminated with prion disease from wildlife (Chronic Wasting disease or CWD). Since many cattle graze on lands that have been permanently contaminated with prions (via sewage sludge/biosolids and reclaimed wastewater), co-mingling livestock and wildlife on public lands is a practice that must be stopped.

Wild horses and burros are public property. Wasting public funds to capture and kill these majestic animals is an abuse of the public trust and impossible to justify in this age of austerity. Save lives and taxpayer money. Stop the BLM roundups now and get the thousands of wild horses and burros into humane conditions that are free from the savagery of the horse slaughter industry. Even federal oversight agencies have criticized the BLM’s wasteful spending and foolish practices that are not making a difference.

Please take a moment to write to “Mustang” Sally Jewell, Secretary of the U.S. Department of the Interior. Tell her to protect the rights of citizens and protect the welfare of wild horses and burros. Stop terrorizing public lands for private livestock and energy interests.

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