We Are Borrowing The Earth From Our Children

American children today face many problems that could cripple them for life. Drugs, education and the environment — just to name a few. But in these times of limited finances, where will our society put its priorities? Unfortunately, the government’s solutions are not always prompt or effective. And while the problems worsen, the remedies become more and more costly.

forest conservation and climate change mitigation

Parents, however, can take charge of the situation. By giving their children an environmental education, parents can mold a pro-active force to face the challenges that lie ahead. Teaching your children to be environmentally sensitive can accomplish several things:

–It can instill in them a sense of wonder and honor for the environment, something that will benefit them the rest of their lives. The sooner children get an environmental education the better.

— It means quality time together. Whether you are planning activities or actually studying, the process can bring your family closer together.

— It’s a perfect way to improve your child’s learning skills. By trying different teaching methods and motivators, such as hands-on experiments, reading assignments or contests, you’ll discover which are most effective. Who knows, your teaching skills may improve their performance at school.

— When your children are ready, put them in charge of the household ecology program. It can help teach them responsibility, and maybe even give you a break.

Along those same lines, starting a “family eco fund” through conservation and recycling efforts around the house will directly involve your children in environmental issues. You can teach them the rewards of an environmentally aware lifestyle with this special savings account for their college education or future needs.

Encourage the family to add to the fund with recycling revenue and conservation savings. For example, if the utility bill averages $100 per month, challenge the family to reduce it. Every time the bill is less than the old average, put the savings into the “eco fund.”

Once you get started, your kids will probably come up with plenty of new ideas. And the whole process may end up continuing your environmental education as well.

Earth Fact: Carbon dioxide was discovered in 1755.

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