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PR firm and forest conservation

Forest Conservation Matters Deforestation is responsible for about 20 percent of the rise in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Therefore, reforestation is a critical part of the solution to many of our most pressing sustainability challenges. Sacred Seedlings, a division of Earth Tones, Inc. has formed a partnership with the Mellowswan Foundation Africa-Tanzania to plant […]

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Earth News

Climate Changing Life Global warming is one of the most complicated issue facing world leaders. Warnings from the scientific community are becoming louder, as an increasing body of science points to rising dangers from the ongoing buildup of human-related greenhouse gases — produced mainly by the burning of fossil fuels and forests. In fact, deforestation […]

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health and sustainability

Climate Change Gaining Momentum It’s amazing to see the ongoing rhetoric that global-warming deniers and special interest groups keep throwing against the wall. At least these critics believe in recycling. However, I must admit that the term global warming creates confusion among the masses because some hard-working scientist chose to put a simple label on […]

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