Sustainable Palm Oil Crushing Wildlife

Wildlife Extinction Not Sustainable

Sustainable palm oil is killing endangered species. In a rush to greenwash the palm oil industry, biodiversity is being crushed and pushed toward extinction. The culprits then offset the death and destruction with a token green project elsewhere in the world.

sustainable palm oil fraud

Most palm oil is grown on land that was once pristine rainforest and habitat for orangutans, tigers and Asian elephants. Even so-called “sustainable” palm oil is driving deforestation and the death of endangered species today. That’s because the industry embraces a practice where companies can buy green certificates to pay for their irreversible sins in the rainforest. They totally ignore the issue of biodiversity in their discussion of sustainability.

“Sustainable” is a label bought not earned in this industry, which is a deliberate fraud. It’s also a crime against humanity and nature.

deforestation and climate change

You can’t destroy peatland and endangered species on Sumatra and offset it with a eucalyptus plantation in Costa Rica. Just ask these endangered species how they feel about sustainable palm oil, (which is 50 percent saturated fat).

deforestation orangutans and palm oil

deforestation tigers and palm oil

forest elephant poisoned for palm oil

orangutan habitat destroyed for palm oil plantation

oranguta beaten and burned for palm oil

orangutans killed for palm plantation

Orangutans captured and abused

orangutan rescued

orangutan rescued

Orangutan in snare

climate change and reforestation forest conservation

Sacred Seedlings is a global initiative to support forest conservation, reforestation, urban forestry, sustainable agriculture, carbon capture and wildlife conservation. Sustainable land management and land use are critical to the survival of entire ecosystems. Sacred Seedlings is a U.S.-based program that supports the vision of local stakeholders. We have projects ready across Africa. We seek additional projects elsewhere around the world. We also seek volunteers, sponsors and donors of cash and in-kind support. Write to Gary Chandler for more information

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