Prions Recycled

As the California drought meets the summer heat, Governor Jerry Brown and other elected leaders want more recycled water production. His administration has made $800 million available in loan financing for water agencies to treat wastewater. On the surface, this seems to be a resourceful idea for California and other parched regions. If we dig deeper, we see a nightmare.

Prion disease is already at epidemic proportions around the world. People who have prion disease (known as Alzheimer’s disease and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease) are infectious. These victims shed the deadly prion pathogen in their bodily fluids, including urine, feces, saliva, mucus and blood. These human discharges permanently contaminate sewage systems. That contamination grows within the system every day because prions are impossible to stop.

Therefore, spreading sewage water, sewage sludge and unstoppable pathogens throughout our watersheds is reckless at best (risks are being suppressed). These lands are permanently contaminated with prions once exposed to sewage sludge. Not only is this disposal practice a threat to food and water supplies, but it threatens the safety of our wildlife and livestock as food sources.

sewage treatment prion disease

Meanwhile, cities such as San Diego and others are forging forward with plans to convert sewage water into tap water. If prions can’t be sterilized in a surgical environment, it’s obviously impossible to stop them in a sewage plant. Pumping prions into thousands of homes and businesses is a very bad idea.

In deer, prion disease is known as chronic wasting disease. In cattle, we call it mad cow disease. The names are just a smokescreen. Prion disease is prion disease. Don’t let anyone try to split that hair as part of a coverup. Prions represent an environmental nightmare like we have never seen before. Reforms are vital on many fronts. We’re available to consult on related issues to help contain the pathogen and minimize risks to families, landowners and other stakeholders.

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