Climate Change Gaining Momentum

It’s amazing to see the ongoing rhetoric that global-warming deniers and special interest groups keep throwing against the wall. At least these critics believe in recycling. However, I must admit that the term global warming creates confusion among the masses because some hardworking scientist chose to put a simple label on a complex topic.

sustainable cities and climate change

Therefore, let’s break it down more logically. The unfortunate term “global warming” is about air pollution, energy policy, and land use. For those who believe that air pollution is good (and that our limited atmosphere can absorb unlimited amounts of carbon dioxide), please feel free to conduct your own scientific experiment. Put your car in the garage, close all the doors, and turn the engine on. Of course, we all know that such an act is suicide. Pumping infinite amounts of toxins into the confines of our atmosphere also is suicide because the atmosphere is like a big balloon that traps everything inside. Contrary to some popular thinking, air pollution doesn’t escape into space. In fact, significant amounts of toxins precipitate back into our water supplies on the earth’s surface (such as mercury).

Secondly, global warming (climate change) is about our energy policy. Since when is wasting energy and propping up the profits of oil companies and utilities good for everyone? Since when does that make most businesses more profitable? Is propping up the profits of hostile regimes really the patriotic energy policy? Ask our 9/11 first responders what they think about the issue.

Finally, is deforesting the world and reducing the planet’s ability to absorb carbon dioxide really a good idea?

forest conservation and climate change mitigation

Are we afraid that those trees provide hiding places for terrorists and wild animals who want to attack us? Are we to believe that cow pastures, parking lots, coal mines, and oil fields are what god meant to do with this planet? And how about all of those other pesky creatures like polar bears, dolphins, whales, wolves, tigers, and eagles. Why did god put them in the way of human progress?

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