Clay Interior Walls

By Gary Chandler

As an environmental author and wellness advocate, I urge homeowners and businesses to use natural clay finishes on their walls instead of traditional paints and treated wood products. Natural walls are good for health, property values, and the environment.

Many paints, lacquers, and building materials emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air of our homes and offices. These toxic compounds can cause cancer and other ailments in our families and among our beloved pets.

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These stunning clay wall finishes can improve your indoor air quality and improve property value. Sustainability and advocacy begins where we live and work. We don’t want pesticides in our food and water. We don’t want to breathe toxins in our homes and offices, either. ”

VOCs in the air are consistently higher indoors than outdoors (up to 10 times higher). As with other pollutants, the health impact depends on many factors including your level and length of exposure. Since we spend the majority of our time where we live and work, we should make these areas as safe as possible because VOCs can cause eye, nose, and throat irritation; headaches, loss of coordination, nausea, fatigue and dizziness; damage to liver, kidney, and central nervous system. The immediate impacts are often felt the most by children and the elderly.

To help promote sustainability and health at the local level, Earth Tones recently formed a new division called Adobe Designs. The company uses American Clay Earth Plasters, which are nontoxic and made in the USA. These elegant finishes are a healthy alternative to toxic paints, processed woods, and conventional plasters. Clay offers one-of-a-kind finishes, including superior color, richness, and texture.

One of the oldest and most natural building materials, clay offers durability, sustainability and beauty unrivaled in other finishes. Our plasters are clay-based, continuing the age-old tradition used by people around the world for thousands of years.

Clay walls will outlast your home or office. The longevity, recycled content and low maintenance of these finishes contributes to the US Green Build Council’s credits (up to eight LEED credits are available). Using renewable resources and containing zero VOCs, our clay plasters and expert craftsmen will help make your project a temple to health and sustainability.

We are based in Phoenix, Arizona. If we can’t get a team to your corner of the world, we will find one for you. Please give us a call for an estimate or just some expert guidance. 602-999-7204. Or write to Gary Chandler at

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