Waste Management Can Minimize Need For Disposal

Recycling is an important part of the environmental movement, and people everywhere are accomplishing more and more of it as public awareness continues to grow. But there is a new effort under way in the recycling world – one that requires more thought than action. It’s called precycling.

It has the power to preserve natural resources, as well as reduce demands on landfills. Precycling even has the power to remove toxic materials from store shelves. It involves reducing the amount of waste created every day by carefully choosing items at the store.

By thinking about how products are packaged while walking store aisles, consumers’ purchases can greatly reduce the amount of packaging that soon ends up in the trash.

When considering a product’s nutritional value, also consider its packaging. Is is made of recycled materials? Does its packaging make environmental sense?

With consumers consistently making these choices, manufacturers will continue to modify and perfect the way they package their products.

Although both are necessary tools for protecting the environment, precycling is more efficient than recycling. It makes everyone accountable for their actions long before recycling is even necessary.

Precycling gives consumers environmental clout by urging them to think before they buy, which in turn forces companies to think before they produce.

Already there are plenty of companies involved in precycling. Procter & Gamble and Lever Brothers are both reducing the amount of their packaging, as well as using recycled plastic for their products.

Another retailer, Target, has created an environmental program for its children’s department. And Price Pfister is touting the water conservation features of its new water faucets. The list goes on.

Of course, recycling and conservation efforts are still vital to the health of the environment. But now, precycling has given both the environmental movement and the business world a powerful new tool to use in promoting that health.

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