Sustainable, Resilient Cities and Communities

Cities around the globe are home to about 50 percent of the world’s population, but cities generate 80 percent of heat-trapping greenhouse gases. Cities are consuming a disproportionate share of natural resources, as well. Fortunately, many communities are taking steps to minimize their impacts on the environment and to minimize the threats that natural disasters pose to them. Many of these communities need help to maximize the impact of their efforts and to assure the support of all citizens.

To expedite progress, we are building support for the “Nobel Prize” of sustainability for cities and communities around the world. It will be the largest and most comprehensive award program in the world. We will share the best practices and case studies generated from the award program on our portal to spark additional efforts around the world.

The Greener Cities Toolkit includes a comprehensive workbook that your community can complete in collaboration to help define the appropriate local options and priorities. For example, many communities are improving the energy efficiency of city buildings and vehicle fleets, but other strategies such as investments, tax policies, water use, tree management, open space, expanded recycling efforts, and others represent significant opportunities for change. Case studies, best practices, decision matrices and other tools will help guide your community through the evaluation, decision-making, and implementation process involving numerous possibilities.

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Sustainability Topics

  • Greener Visioning & Planning
  • Greener Public Policy: Codes/Taxes/Fees/Credits/Lobbying
  • Greener Buildings
  • Greener Schools
  • Greener Fleets
  • Greener Transportation systems
  • Greener Purchasing & Investments
  • Urban Forests & Open Space
  • Rooftop Gardens
  • Waste Reduction & Recycling
  • Water Conservation & Drought Resistance
  • Wastewater reclamation and sewage sludge (biosolids)
  • Flood Prevention & Preparedness
  • Public Education Empowerment
  • Local Awards
  • Partnerships
  • Grants

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Tools For Your Green City

  • Workbooks (for collaborative decisions and prioritizing actions)
  • Case Studies
  • Best Practices
  • Chat Rooms & Bulletin Boards
  • Blogs
  • Events & Networking Opportunities
  • Polls
  • Photos
  • News and Articles
  • Videos
  • Groups
  • Facts and Stats
  • Other Resources & Links

Green Cities  is your pathway to community sustainability. This vast resource will help your community develop a comprehensive and collaborative vision that is realistic and actionable on many fronts.

By sharing information and experiences from around the world, this resource can help your community quickly develop mitigation plans, undertake actions and achieve results around sustainability. It offers a comprehensive framework and the critical collaboration necessary to maximize your efforts. Start using this resource today to empower citizens, schools, businesses, community leaders and government entities to help sustain your community and the planet for future generations.

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