Chandler Writing New Indonesia Travel Guide

Indonesian Language and Travel Guide

Gary R. Chandler just signed a contract to write another version of the Language and Travel Guide to Indonesia. He will work with Hippocrene Books of New York, NY as he did on the first edition in 1994.

Indonesia includes some of the largest and most exotic islands in the world, including Bali, Borneo, Java, Komodo, New Guinea, and Sumatra. Indonesia has more than 17,500 islands in all. The nation shares two of its largest islands with neighboring countries. The Indonesian state of Papua, formerly known as Irian Jaya, occupies the western half of New Guinea—the world’s second largest island.

Indonesia Language and Travel Guide

“I’m really looking forward to updating the Language and Travel Guide to Indonesia,” Chandler said. “Much has changed and global interest and investment in Indonesia is at an all-time high.”

more than 17,500 islands in Indonesia

Chandler is the cofounder of Earth News, an international publisher of environmental books, news and information. He also founded Crossbow, an international consulting firm that specializes in health and environmental issues. The company has offices in Denver and Phoenix.

Komodo dragon Indonesia

Chandler first visited Indonesia in 1993. He taught English, wrote for the Jakarta Post and Garuda magazine and saw parts of Indonesia that the outside world would like to know about. Now, he’s actively involved trying to conserve wildlife, while helping develop eco-tourism across Indonesia.

Indonesia wildlife conservation

Indonesia is a beautiful country with diverse cultures and many natural wonders. It has ancient temples, beautiful beaches, hundreds of volcanoes, endangered wildlife, and abundant natural resources.

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world. It includes more than 240 million people from more than 300 ethnic groups. They speak more than 250 different languages.

Indonesia volcano

For more information about the Language and Travel Guide To Indonesia, please visit

issue management and public affairs and public relations

Crossbow Communications specializes in international marketing, issue management and public affairs. Indonesia is one of our regions of expertise. Our President and founder is the author of the Language and Travel Guide to Indonesia. Please contact Gary Chandler at Visit Indonesia.

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Public affairs and sustainability consultant. Founder of Crossbow Communications. Follow him on Twitter @Gary_Chandler
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