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Cows Help Recycle Phone Books

Farmer Recycles Paper A herd of cows in Maine is letting its hooves do the walking through the yellow pages in a unique new use for old phone books. More than five tons of discarded directories are shredded up every … Continue reading

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Custom Recipes Help Digest Solid Wastes

Waste Management Solutions From dead chickens to old potatoes to crab scraps — if a smelly material is causing problems, Will Brinton has a recipe to make it go away. Brinton, president and founder of Woods End Research Laboratory in … Continue reading

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A Sticky Situation

Labels Impede Paper Recycling In an attempt to keep more paper in the recycling process, Adhesives Research Co., of Glenrock, Penn., has developed a new recyclable label. “A lot of paper products are labeled — envelopes, newspapers, reports, you name … Continue reading

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It Keeps Growing and Growing

A Christmas Tree For Replanting New Mexico is setting an environmental example while putting a new twist on the nation’s Christmas tree this holiday season. In the past, Christmas trees displayed at the U.S. Capitol have all been cut. But … Continue reading

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Pollution Patrol with the Phone

Telecommunications Gives Environmentalists Networking Power The telephone always has had the potential to be a powerful environmental tool. Like many things, it’s up to the user to realize all of the possible benefits. Just one phone call can save plenty … Continue reading

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Recycling Program Turns Bottles to Benches

Park Benches Made With Recycled Plastic Turning the fruits of a recycling program into tangible results has proven hugely successful for the Chicago Park District and the city’s residents. Chicago’s 563 parks are now being covered in garbage. But it … Continue reading

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Carolina Wetlands Conserved and Used

Wetlands are to nature what kidneys are to the human body By using these natural kidneys as filters, a South Carolina county is processing wastewater in an energy efficient manner while leaving the wetlands unharmed. In Horry County — South … Continue reading

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Who Deserves the Green Light?

Greenwashing Dupes Consumers Plenty of products these days claim to be environmentally friendly, recyclable or biodegradable. And the list of buzzwords for environmental marketing claims continues to grow. But how many of these claims stretch the truth just to sell … Continue reading

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Taking the Pressure Off Landfills

Waste Management Strategies It’s no secret — America’s disposable society has created a landfill crisis. Landfills around the country are approaching capacity, and new sites are difficult to approve. Portland, Ore., however, is on the right track with an innovative … Continue reading

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Alaskan Eco-Fashion

Reclaiming Value From Salmon Waste Salmon meat is enjoyed by millions of people around the world. And now a natural by-product of the fish is becoming a big hit. Anyone need a fishskin wallet? By taking salmon skins ordinarily dumped … Continue reading

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