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Effective Ecological Marketing Strategies

If you’re still using the same old marketing strategies that everyone else is using, then you are all missing out on a large number of customers. That’s the bottom line. You could have the best product in the world, but … Continue reading

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Environmental Economics

Environmentalists Are Efficiency Experts It’s not easy to find a bright side to America’s current economic downturn, but the environment may be one beneficiary. “The recession is only going to accelerate the trend toward environmental consumerism,” said Jacquelyn Ottman, a … Continue reading

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Boost Skin Health With Topical and Ingested Oils

Make Your Own Skin Care Products Naturally By Joan Kesman, Skin Care Plus, the best facials and natural skin care products in Chicago, Geneva, Batavia, St. Charles and beyond. Oil once had a bad reputation in the skin care world. … Continue reading

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Public Affairs Firm Specializes In Health, Environment

Alzheimer’s Disease, Climate Change Among Priority Issues Endangered species and other wildlife around the world are under siege like never before. Thanks to a public affairs and public relations firm in the United States, they have a powerful ally. Crossbow … Continue reading

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New Pizza Packs an Eco-Punch

Pizza Helps Kids Save The Planet To many children, pizza ranks as their favorite food on Earth. Now an environmentally correct pizza aimed at helping them save the Earth is available at natural food stores across the country. Tree of … Continue reading

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Greener Cities Critical To Sustainable Future

Solutions To Sustainability Found In Cities Our planet is undergoing an unprecedented and irreversible wave of urbanization, with the share of the global population living in cities set to reach 60 percent by 2030. But rapid growth is driving up … Continue reading

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The Color of Money

Best Lights Are Green It’s possible to save money while saving the environment — that’s the message the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is promoting through its innovative Green Lights program. By encouraging U.S. corporations to install state-of-the-art lighting in their … Continue reading

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Footwear with a Past

Company Recycles Shoes Incorporating such diverse items as coffee filters, old tires and plastic left over from the production of disposable diapers, an Oregon company has created a walking shoe made entirely of recycled materials. Julie Lewis, founder of DejaShoes, … Continue reading

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Trees to Books and Back Again

Recycled Paper Saving Forests The first ever “tree clause” in a book contract allows environmentally minded authors to symbolically replace the trees used in the printing of their works. Harper & Row in San Francisco developed the clause at the … Continue reading

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Attention Green Shoppers

Shopping For Environmental Causes If you keep the environment in mind while shopping, your efforts are making a difference. The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) recently tracked several environmental issues on behalf of the supermarket industry and found that consumers are … Continue reading

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