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Dakota Access Pipeline Testing Democracy

Public Servants Defending Foreign Corporations Instead Of American Citizens Have you seen the protests over the Dakota Access Pipeline? The profits of foreign corporations are now more important to the U.S. government than the lives of homeland defenders? Thanks to corruption … Continue reading

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Planning Can Make Or Break Advocacy Campaigns

Coalitions, Grassroots Campaigns Can Influence Policy Reform Citizen movements continue changing the world in the face of corruption, cronyism and mismanagement. It’s a dynamic that needs to gain momentum now more than ever as the clash between public health, public … Continue reading

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Protected Areas Under Assault By Private Interests

Privatizing Natural Resources A Global Threat “If they’re well-managed and well-financed, protected areas are incredible for wildlife conservation.” James Watson of the Wildlife Conservation Society and the University of Queensland in Australia. He and colleagues analyzed protected land and sea regions … Continue reading

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African Nations Helping Poachers Slaughter Elephants

Seven Countries Accused Of Helping Wildlife Poachers A new report has listed Tanzania among seven “corrupt governments” in Africa that support elephant poaching. Other countries on the list are Kenya, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Sudan, Gabon and the Democratic Republic of Congo … Continue reading

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Wild Horses Stuck In Sub-Zero Temperatures

Wild Horse Program Abusing Taxpayers, Animals How would you and your children like to stand around in the snow and ice all day and all night in sub-zero temperatures? That’s what Uncle Sam is doing to thousands of wild horses … Continue reading

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BLM Continues Wild Horse Roundups

Wild Horses Caught In Crossfire Of Industry Last Friday at 5:33 p.m. ET, as thousands of captured wild horses sweltered in punishing heat in government holding pens, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) issued a press release announcing plans to … Continue reading

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Congress Questioning Wild Horse Policies

More Wild Horses In Captivity Than Wild Thirty U.S. representatives urged new U.S. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell on Thursday to make a priority out of reforming the government’s wild horse management program and its spiraling budget that they say has … Continue reading

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