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By Joan Kesman, Skin Care Plus, the best facials and natural skin care products in Chicago, Geneva, Batavia, St. Charles and beyond.

Oil once had a bad reputation in the skin care world. The truth is that some oils are good, while others are bad for your skin and your diet. The key is to know the right oil for the right application. The best thing about some of these beneficial oils is that you may already have some of them in your kitchen. If not, you have another reason to buy some delicious oil. You can dress your salads with them and apply them to your face.

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1. Body Treatment: In the shower, exfoliate your entire body with a natural loofah, a brush, or with a washcloth. When you’re finished, pat yourself dry (leave skin a little damp) and massage your entire body with a palm-full of extra virgin olive oil as a moisturizer.

2. Facial Cleanse: As confusing as it seems, clean your face with good oils to remove bad oils works. The “good” oil dissolves the “bad” ones, allowing you to wash the dirt and grease from your face with a hot, wet washcloth. Plus, adding oil to your skin prevents your skin from overproducing its own oil and causing pimples. The key is to use the right oil for your skin type, and to never wash your face with olive oil or coconut oil. Recommended oils are grape seed, sunflower, safflower, and apricot kernel oils.

3. Deodorant: Mix baking soda and coconut oil together and put them in a sterilized deodorant container. Or, keep it simple and put a tiny bit of organic virgin coconut oil on your fingertips, and rub into your armpits and then thoroughly dust your pits with baking soda. Coconut oil has mild microbial properties, and baking soda (which works alone as a deodorant) neutralizes body odor.

4. Hair Treatment: After shampooing your hair, gently squeeze your hair from wet to damp with a towel. Take a tiny amount of oil (olive, grape seed, sunflower, or safflower) and massage it into your hair from the ends to the roots. Just rub the oil on the palms of your hands and then massage it into your hair.

5. Diet: When it comes to beauty, eating a diet of whole, unprocessed foods that are high in fiber is one of the best gifts you can give to your skin. It’s crucial to consume plenty of healthy oils, especially virgin coconut oil. Unprocessed coconut oil does magical things for your skin and digestive system. Avocados, walnuts and fish are also some health alternatives.

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Skin Care Plus specializes in personal and natural skin care treatments. It is located in Geneva, Illinois. Joan Kesman has more than 25 years as a licensed facial technician and more than 13 years in energy-based healing modalities. With extensive training and experience she assesses your holistic needs and recommends a personalized treatment plan to help you look and feel your best from head to toe.

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For more information about personal and natural facial treatments, visit or call Skin Care Plus at (630-845-3223).

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