Palm Oil Buyers Have Blood On Their Hands

Thanks to the destructive practices of multinational conglomerates, such as Cargill, Unilever, Kellogg’s, Nestle, Kraft, Johnson & Johnson, Procter and Gamble, General Mills, Mars, Coca-Cola and Pepsi, our rainforests are being destroyed every day to create massive palm oil plantations in Indonesia, Malaysia and elsewhere around the tropics. The practice has been going on for years. No one seems to be able to stop it. Now, it’s up to you and I.

sustainable palm oil fraud

The stakes are high. Billions of dollars are being made by these companies and their corrupt friends in government (fascism is still alive and well around the globe). Thousands of jobs have been created. The resistance to change is very high.

Meanwhile, endangered species such as the Sumatran tiger, orangutan and the Asian elephant are being killed and starved to death to make room for these massive plantations where wildlife are not allowed. It’s a battle of biodiversity versus monoculture. This deforestation also is contributing to climate change because massive amounts of carbon are being released when these forests are burned. Plus, these forests are no longer alive to absorb additional carbon that a rapidly growing population spews out daily to run our cars, computers and factories. It’s the equivalent of spending the family fortune on blackjack and crack. It’s one hell of a party until it’s over.

Unfortunately, humans need more than concrete and palm oil to survive. If we don’t draw the line on deforestation now, life as we know it will change forever. Food and water shortages. Disease. Extinction. The question is how far can the web of life collapse before humanity goes with it. If we can’t save tigers, elephants and orangutans, how can we save ourselves?

Palm oil isn’t the only issue that is burning, but it’s a good example of the choices that we have to make as consumers and citizens. Hold these companies’ feet to the fire. Don’t buy their lies. Sustainable palm oil is mostly a myth because it doesn’t account for the loss of biodiversity. They can kill endangered species, expel wildlife from their habitat and still call themselves “sustainable.”

Don’t buy their products. Stand up and speak out for change or brace for the consequences. The planet is a divine and brilliant creation by god and/or nature. There will be hell to pay for those who destroy it and for those who stand by and watch in silence (and their children). Put people and the planet over profits. Shop wisely. Communicate your position with leaders at the companies and at the retailers who sell their deadly junk.

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