Author: Gary Chandler

Author and producer. CEO of Crossbow Communications. Follow him on Twitter @Gary_Chandler

Indonesian Language and Travel Guide Gary Chandler just signed a contract to write another version of the¬†Language and Travel Guide to Indonesia. He will work with Hippocrene Books of New York, NY as he did on the first edition in 1994. Indonesia includes some of the largest and most exotic islands in the world, including¬†Bali, […]

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health and sustainability

Earth Alert More Than A Game Can you make it to the recycling center before using your last unit of oxygen? Do you know what percentage of the world’s energy the United States uses? A new board game that combines environmental trivia with actual planet-saving activities has hit the store shelves. While playing Earth Alert, […]

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biosolids risk assessment

Sewage Sludge Now Dumped On Farms, Ranches, Playgrounds U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator William K. Reilly visited New York City today to mark the end of dumping sewage sludge in the ocean. New York City has met the terms of its agreement to stop transporting and dumping its sludge in the ocean by June 30, […]

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