Month: February 2015

prion disease and TSE

Prion Pathogen Threatens Mammals Norway confirmed its first cases of mad cow disease in history last week (it subsequently found prion disease in reindeer), while Canada confirmed yet another case in Alberta today. It’s the first case to be reported in Canada since 2011. In my opinion, these reported cases (and most others) are just the […]

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Habitat Conservation and Wildlife Conservation The relocation of animals to make way for land development rarely succeeds and could push some species towards extinction, according to a new study. An international team of scientists found that “mitigation” translocations – where animals were moved from the path of building projects – were rising rapidly and far outnumbered instances […]

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deforestation and climate change

Wildlife Extinction Not Sustainable Sustainable palm oil is killing endangered species. In a rush to greenwash the palm oil industry, biodiversity is being crushed and pushed toward extinction. The culprits then offset the death and destruction with a token green project elsewhere in the world. Most palm oil is grown on land that was once pristine rainforest […]

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