Month: June 2014

PR firm and forest conservation

Logging Laws Promote Deforestation Dalton Valeriano rolled into Brazil’s space agency in frayed jeans and a casual blue polo around 10 a.m. After a few pleasantries he sat me down in a small conference room and set the stage for the project that has consumed his life for more than a decade. “The whole thing […]

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deforestation and wildlife extinction

Millions Of New Trees Planned Reforestation is one of the few proven carbon capture solutions available today. Thanks to our partners in East Africa, we have one of the largest carbon capture opportunities in the world and it’s ready to begin immediately. With the help of foundations, corporations, governments, NGOs and donors, we can conserve millions of […]

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health and sustainability

Water Shortages and Floods United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called for a collective global response to drought and a shift from crisis management to drought preparedness and resilience. He said the price for preparedness is minimal compared to the cost of disaster relief. Secretary-General Ban said droughts can be mitigated and called for the full […]

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