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Who Deserves the Green Light?

Greenwashing Dupes Consumers Plenty of products these days claim to be environmentally friendly, recyclable or biodegradable. And the list of buzzwords for environmental marketing claims continues to grow. But how many of these claims stretch the truth just to sell … Continue reading

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Taking the Pressure Off Landfills

Waste Management Strategies It’s no secret — America’s disposable society has created a landfill crisis. Landfills around the country are approaching capacity, and new sites are difficult to approve. Portland, Ore., however, is on the right track with an innovative … Continue reading

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Saving the Yew Tree

Tree Offers Hopeful Cancer Treatment The question of cutting down or preserving old-growth forests in the Pacific Northwest has been a controversial issue for years. Now a specific tree in the forest — previously thought of as economically useless — … Continue reading

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