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Wind capacity set to triple around the globe by 2015

Renewable Energy Gaining Speed Global wind capacity could more than triple, growing from 91 gigawatts to more than 290 gigawatts by 2015, based on ongoing development in Asia, Europe, and North America, according to an Energing Energy Research report. North … Continue reading

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The Plastic Potato

Biodegradable Plastic On Horizon A potato that produces natural plastic may soon be a reality. But unlike the original plastic potato, Mr. Potato Head, this new plant will have profound impacts on the nature of plastic and its ability to … Continue reading

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Act Now Aims at Environmental Change

Companies Taking Environmental Responsibility Two terms that for too long have been at opposite ends of the spectrum — commerce and conscience — are coming together. Act Now, an upstart coalition of 18 environmentally aware corporations, is giving its roughly … Continue reading

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Earth News Background

Pioneers In Environmental News, Publishing Earth News is a pioneer in the field of environmental news and information. The company was founded in 1991 as an international news service. Its efforts have led to a syndicated environmental news column being published … Continue reading

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